How to change the log directory of the Server

You can change the log directory of the Server.

The process is as follows:

  1. Go to the installed directory of the Server.
  2. And then, go to the properties directory.
    # cd WEB-INF/properties
  3. Change the logfile path in the property file(
    # vi



Zoom In/Zoom Out of dashboard screen

You can zoom in or zoom out the dashboard screen.

In editing window, use Control key and Scroll key of the mouse. This method is possible to be used in the BizualBuilder Manager & Viewer.

2 ways to send backward the selected element

You can send backward or bring forward the selected element.

First way:

  • Select an element and click right mouse button in View editing window.
  • Select “Bring Forward” or “Send Backward” menu.



Second way:

  • Click “Element” tab of “Toolbox” which can be found in left panel of View editing window.
  • Select element you want to and click right button of mouse.
  • Select “Move Up” or “Move Down” menu.