How to install on Tomcat system

Apache Tomcat installation process on a Linux operating system is as follows:

  1. Download the Tomcat file (.tar.gz) to a temporary directory by referring the download site above.
  2. Move the downloaded “.tar.gz” file to the install directory. (ex: /usr/tomcat)
  3. Unpack the “.tar.gz” file as follows.
    # tar zxvf <downloaded .tar.gz file>
  4. Change directory to the “bin” sub-directory of the install directory.
  5. Add the following line to the “” file.
    JRE_HOME=”<JRE installed directory>”
  6. Start Tomcat service with the following command.
    # ./
  7. Make sure that it is installed correctly by connecting the following in the web browser from the PC.
    http://<IP Address of the Server>:8080
  8. Delete the “.tar.gz” file if you want to save disk space.


If you want to install the BizualBuilder Server on other Java Application Server system, please proceed as follows:

  1. Send e-mail to us to get the war file.
  2. Move the war file to the “<Tomcat installed directory>/webapps” directory of the server.
  3. Re-start the Tomcat service.
  4. Make sure that the “SBServerEngine” sub-directory is created in the “<Tomcat installed directory>/webapps” directory.

* Do not delete the war file.

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