Why need dashboard?

  • Dashboard provides a central view point for users
  • Visualize the data for situational awareness overall
  • Save time to find problems and improve decision for resolving
  • To provide a bird-eye view of current business situation


BizualBuilder is a powerful, flexible and easy dashboard builder product. It helps you to create a dashboard screen quickly and easily.


Various Effective Components

  • Comes with various visual components such as charts, gauges, grids, counters and more
  • Provide components that specializes in monitoring IT infrastructure such as node, event grid, ticker and more


Ease of Use

  • Support drag & drop, zoom in/out, move, resize the elements
  • Support copy & paste elements, adapters, datasets
  • Support grouping the elements
  • Support a preview of the data and a preview of the dashboard screen
  • Support the multi-tabbed window


Extendable Usage

  • Can re-use the elements that others have set
  • Can share your dashboard screen with others
  • Support tagging to each factors of management
  • Can use uploaded images from local PC


Editable Property

  • All elements of component have many detailed properties
  • Can modify properties as you like
  • All elements have a property for mapping of data, event, action
  • Can select the display effect of the element in the event mapping


Pre-defined Style

  • Can be used instantly without any settings
  • Adopted concept of portlets
  • Can modify settings again as you like
  • Comes with pre-defined samples of the adapter, dataset, template
  • Provide various pre-designed images


Data Filtering and Mapping

  • Can filter and map the data for your purpose
  • Filtered data is reused
  • No extra load to data sources or servers


Data Source Support

  • Connect directly to various data sources in real-time
  • Support many relational databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Cubrid, Informix, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Derby and Tibero
  • Support Object Server database of IBM Tivoli OMNIbus product
  • Support WAREHOUS database of IBM Tivoli Monitoring product
  • Support SOAP protocol of IBM Tivoli Monitoring product



  • User password to connect to the server is handled in encrypted form
  • User account is classified manager, operator, user depending on the authority
  • Operators and users can see only the dashboard that is shared